out on the town

15 10 2012

After cleaning up and getting dressed, Ana pulled out my outdoor gear. My tail wagged. We were going out? She smiled at me and held out a mitt for me. “I’m taking you to a special place today. I think you’ll like it.” I whined and put my paw into the mitt. Did “special place” mean I was going to get fucked? I hoped so. It was all I really wanted at the moment. I could smell the wet place between my legs, and that only made me more desperate. I squirmed as she helped me into the kneepads, then felt my tail start to wag madly as she clipped a leash to my collar. “Hmm, my little slutty Puppy.” She chuckled, then kissed my forehead.

The train ride was torture. All of my senses seemed heightened, especially my sense of smell. I could smell the pomeranian bitch a few seats away, knew she was in heat too. I could smell the beauceron across the car, knew his cock was hard and dripping precum. I whined and shoved my face into Ana’s lap, but then I could smell her too, that heady scent I’d come to love so much. She stroked my head absently, her other hand busy with her phone. “Puppy, Puppy, Puppy.” She whispered, a smile on her face.

We ended up in a part of town I didn’t think I’d ever been in before. Little cafés and restaurants lined the avenue, and I could smell the ocean from here. She led me down a street, then finally stopped in front of a café. The scent of baking bread was wafting from it, and through the window, I could see dogs! And lots of them. Ana crouched in front of me, fixing my collar and smoothing my hair. “Now, Puppy. All of the dogs in here are like you, but you must remember: No talking.” She whispered. I nodded slightly, and she kissed my nose. “Good girl.”

She opened the door and let me in, and I was so excited I even tugged at the leash. It took me a moment, but I soon realized that there were mostly female-bodied people and puppies here. A particularly bouncy golden retriever crashed into me with a bark and a yelp, then rebounded off just as quickly. I looked up at Ana, who just laughed and sat down at an empty table. I stayed close by her side, but she reached down and unclipped my leash. “Go play, Puppy. I have some work to do.” She pulled her laptop out of her bag, then tapped underneath my chin with one finger. “Oh. You can come as many times as you like. See if one of those nice little puppies will help you with that.” She winked.

In the center of the café was a large, circular play area. It was lined with padded mats and had low walls built up around it, lined with the same padding. There were two entrances, directly opposite from each other. Toys and pet beds were scattered around the area as well. I stepped tentatively toward the entrance, an unbidden whimper escaping my lips. A beagle turned toward me, a grin on her face. She barked and picked up a rope toy in her teeth, then approached me. My tail wagging, I bounded into the play area, grabbing the other end of the rope and tugging. She won, but then she dropped the toy and started wrestling with me. I yelped and rolled over onto my back almost immediately, and she laughed. Another puppy turned toward us and sniffed at my hair. The beagle yipped and eyed my stomach, then sniffed pointedly at my cunt. Immediately, a devious look crossed her face and she gestured at the other puppy (a boxer). The boxer straddled my stomach, holding my arms above my head, and I felt the beagle nose at my pussy, testing, tasting. The boxer grinned down at me, white teeth shining brightly against skin the color of mocha. I whimpered and squirmed. She leaned down and whispered. “Heat?” I whined again, louder. She laughed and pressed her lips against mine.

She kissed my lips, then my neck, then took one of my ears between her teeth and bit down gently. All the while, the beagle below was moving slowly, teasing me until I was sure there was a puddle on the mat. I tried to wriggle, but the boxer kept me pinned, and even my fingers were useless in their mitts. Then before I knew what was happening, the boxer and the beagle switched places. The beagle was straddling me, holding my arms down, nibbling at my neck. My whole body felt flushed with heat, my toes and fingers curled. I needed to come.

The boxer obliged. While the beagle had teased and gotten me ready, the boxer plunged ahead, holding my hips and shoving her face into my cunt. The beagle kissed me just as hard, her tongue stealing into my mouth. I whined and bucked uncontrollably, knowing other owners and puppies were watching me. I knew Ana was watching. All of this just excited me even more. With one last gasp, I came, hard. The boxer gripped my hips even tighter, shoved her tongue even deeper inside me.

She wasn’t stopping. My breath caught in my throat and I knew they were going to make me come again and again, taking turns. I opened my eyes and saw Ana sitting on one of the low walls, watching me with a smirk. “Filthy Puppy.” She mouthed, shaking her head. I couldn’t help but grin.


16 09 2012

After breakfast the next morning, Mr. Norton came back for Charlie. While Harper went to fetch Charlie’s bag, I sat with her in the front room, whining. She laughed at me, giving me a few more bitemarks and kisses before she had to leave. “Well, thank you for taking such good care of her, Ana.” Landon clipped a leash onto the husky’s collar. “It was my — well, our — pleasure. I love it when she and Puppy play together.” Ana ruffled Charlie’s ears.

Mr. Norton nodded and shouldered Charlie’s bag. “Let’s be sure and plan another playdate for them, then.” I barked and wagged my tail. Ana laughed. “Yes, let’s. Feel free to bring Charlie over anytime.” He tugged at Charlie’s leash. “All right, girl, time to go. Say goodbye to your friend.” She stood and moved toward me, giving my neck a lick and a nip, then kissing me hard on the lips. I melted, almost losing my footing. She let out a throaty chuckle, then looked up at Mr. Norton.

“Thanks again, Ana.” He kissed her on the cheek. She smiled. “You’re welcome. Like I said, anytime.” He grinned, and then they were gone. Immediately, I missed Charlie. I stepped toward the door, letting out a whimper. Ana knelt next to me and scratched me behind the ears. “Aw, Puppy, I know. Don’t worry. You’ll see her again soon.” She ran her hand over one of the bitemarks on my neck. “Hmm, I think my slutty little Puppy likes it when people hurt her.” I blushed and whined, my ears flattening against my head and my tail tucking itself between my legs. The truth was that I had begun to like it. It made my cunt wet when Charlie or Ana did it. “Mmhmmm.” Ana laughed, standing up. “Dirty Puppy.” She grabbed me by the collar and started to drag me off to the dungeon. I was already dripping all over the hardwood floor.

She threw me down on a mat in the center of the floor and growled, “Stay.” I didn’t even consider disobeying. She pulled a few things down from the wall, but I couldn’t see what they were until she was buckling the first one around my wrist. “Leather cuffs. I’ve never used these ones on anyone before. They are just for you.” She kissed my forehead, then moved on to my other wrist, then my ankles. Each one was secured with a tiny padlock. She was gentle while she put them on, but she hoisted me to my feet by my wrists when she was finished. She shoved me up against the wall and slid her hand between my legs. “I love it when my Puppy is in heat.” I whined, my tail wagging. With a harsh laugh, she flipped me over and shoved her knee into my cunt. She was grinning, and I recognized the look I’d seen most often in Charlie’s eyes.

She pulled a bar down from the rack on the wall and fastened my wrist cuffs to it, then attached the bar to a loop of chain on the wall. “This is called a spreader bar. Don’t move.” She cupped her hand against my cheek. I flinched, expecting a slap, but instead she tweaked my nipple with her other hand. I yelped and she laughed again. “Don’t move, darling.” She whispered, singsong. She went back to the rack of toys and pulled down what I knew was called a flogger. The tails were long but thin, and the handle looked light. “Stand up straight.” I straightened, lifting my chin. “Good girl.” With that, she started snapping the flogger at my breasts. It stung, but I remained standing, not wanting to disappoint. I couldn’t stop my whines or yelps though. Of course, she liked those. After a few minutes, she threw the flogger over her shoulder and stepped forward, grabbing my tits and massaging them hard. My chin finally dropped as I whined into her hair. Her laugh wasn’t much more than a growl. She lowered her head and took one of my nipples into her mouth and bit down. I squirmed and tried to pull away, but she wrapped an arm around my waist and began to suck and nibble. It was definitely going to leave a bruise.

After making both nipples good and hard, she backed off and started using the flogger again. I whined and tried to stay still, but my body did not want to stay in one place. She gave me a few good whips, then stepped forward and shoved her knee against my pussy again. “So wet. Hmm. Shall I let my puppy come?” She cocked her head, looking me in the eye. Her normally sleek hair was mussed into a sort of blonde halo. I nodded slowly, whining. “Oh! A presumptuous puppy.” She unclipped the cuffs from the bar and slipped her fingers back into my collar, dragging me back to the mat. She dropped me and put her hands on her hips. “Sit pretty.” I immediately obeyed, pulling myself into the sitting position Harper had taught me so long ago. “Now stay.”

She was only gone from the room for a few moments, but during that time I took stock of my body. My breasts were sore and extremely sensitive, and I knew my cunt was dripping onto the mat. She came back naked, holding a bottle of lube and the strap-on harness I had come to know so well. My tail started wagging immediately, thumping the mat. She raised an eyebrow. “Oh, what does Puppy think is happening? Who said this was going inside you?” My tail slowed, and she nodded. “Selfish little slut, aren’t you? Didn’t everyone have a turn with you last night?” I whimpered and lowered my head.

“Mmhmm.” She nodded appraisingly, then grabbed a few pillows from a basket by the wall and knelt on the mat next to me. She adjusted the straps and helped me into the harness, then squirted lube into her palm. “I just want you to fuck me with your cock like a good, slutty girl.” She grabbed the dildo and pumped the shaft a few times, spreading the lube. “Sit up, Puppy. I want to see my lovely dog’s big cock.” I whined and sat up, my cunt practically burning with need. She arranged the pillows and lay back on them, placing her legs on either side of my hips. “Come on now, Puppy.” I awkwardly adjusted my position and placed the tip of my cock against the opening of her pussy. She let out a low moan of anticipation. “Put your big puppy cock in me and fuck my cunt, you dirty girl.” Her voice was hoarse. I leaned forward, thrusting inside. Immediately, she grabbed my collar and pulled me closer. “Fuck me.” She whispered urgently.

And like a good, slutty puppy, I fucked my owner. Slow and deliberate at first, but then faster and faster, our breaths coming in rhythm. Every thrust was torture, because the base of the dildo rocked against my clit, but never quite hard enough. Ana’s breath was ragged now, her moans more drawn-out. “Good girl. Oh, my good Puppy. Don’t stop.” I thrusted hard and quick, almost pulling out each time. As her orgasm began, she gripped my collar even tighter and began to shudder. I never stopped, and it seemed like she never would either. Finally, she let go and fell back against the pillows, trying to catch her breath. She pulled me down so that I was lying on her body, my cock still inside her. We stayed like that, sweaty and exhausted, for quite a while.

“My good girl.”


1 09 2012

I whimpered and squirmed underneath her, but her sharp teeth kept me from going too far. She growled and shoved me back into place, then tangled her fingers into my hair as she shifted her own position, pushing her knee up against my cunt. “Ah, Miss Ana wasn’t kidding. You’re dripping.” She said this last word with her face a few inches from mine, her eyes trained on my tear-filled ones. With a laugh, she pulled my head back and started grinding her knee into me. “Slut.” She whispered, biting at my exposed neck again. She traced her tongue along my clavicle, which made me shiver. “Ugh, I just want to tear you apart and eat you up.” This only made me tremble again. “You’d like it.” She let go of my hair and slid down the bed. “Do you think you deserve to come?” Her face was between my legs now, her fingers lightly tracing my thighs. I whined and nodded, my whole body begging. She turned to Ana. “What do you think, Ma’am?”

I looked over at Ana, my eyes pleading. She cocked her head at me, putting a finger alongside her chin. “Hmm.” I squirmed and whimpered, my legs trembling now. Ana giggled. “Such a desperate puppy! Yes, Charlie. Make her come.” She sat back in her chair. Charlie lowered her head and began to lick. God, she was good at it. She held me tight and knew exactly what to do with her tongue. It didn’t take me long to start writhing as an orgasm raced through my body. “Mmm.” Charlie moaned as I thrashed, but her tongue never stopped.

After I was finished, I couldn’t do more than lie there and try to catch my breath. Charlie sat up, wiping her mouth and smiling down at me. Ana popped into my field of vision, leaning down to kiss my forehead, then kissing Charlie on the lips. “Bravo. Now, you’re back on speech restriction, Charlie. Thank you for such a good show. Now time for breakfast! I need to make a few calls.”

I stumbled off the bed and followed Charlie and Ana into the kitchen, still dazed and a bit light-headed. The morning passed in a bit of a haze. After eating, Charlie and I cuddled on the pet bed. Ana disappeared into her office, and Harper was napping somewhere, I was sure. The husky drowsed, but I was starting to feel the ache in my cunt again. Already.

Humming to herself, Ana came back into the kitchen a little later. “Time for a bath! We have guests coming over.” She said all of this in singsong, sounding very pleased with herself. I got up in a hurry, knowing that these guests were coming over because I was in heat. Ana noticed my eagerness and winked. “Slutty Puppy thinks these guests are for her benefit?” I whined and blushed, wondering if I was wrong. Ana just smirked and turned toward the bathroom. “Come along then.”

Like they had a few days ago, Ana and Charlie tormented me all through bathtime, pinching and kissing and teasing until I was nothing more than a sodden, whiny mess. Finally, the doorbell rang, which cut us all short. Ana guided us out of the tub and wrapped us in towels, then hurried off toward the door. I shivered and started drying myself off. Charlie jostled me as she rubbed herself down with her towel, shooting me a grin. I blushed and smiled back, then Harper came into the room. “Miss Ana has asked me to put you in the stocks, Puppy.”

My face immediately fell. He smiled awkwardly. “Don’t worry. You haven’t done anything wrong. Come on.” He led me into the room I’d started to think of as “the dungeon.” The stocks weren’t the only thing in there, after all. The walls were lined with BDSM equipment: whips, restraints, and just about any other toy you could think of. Harper helped me into the stocks harness, then secured it snugly. The stocks kept me on all fours, but I was about two feet off the ground. My cunt was exposed and at perfect fucking height. I understood why Ana had wanted me in the stocks. Charlie was sitting by the door, smirking at me. I blushed and looked towards Harper instead, who was pulling something off the wall. He held it in his hand as he approached me. “She wants you blindfolded too.” He slipped the blindfold over my eyes, tightening the strap. Then he and Charlie left the room.

I don’t know how long I waited, but it wasn’t long before I felt the familiar slickness return to my inner thighs. I whined softly and tried to rub them together, but they were much too far apart. Finally, I heard footsteps. Lots of them. I whimpered again and wished I wasn’t wearing the blindfold. “Aw, she’s adorable.” It was a female voice I didn’t recognize. “Thank you,” Ana said. I tucked my tail and turned my head from side to side. This elicited more coos from the people in the room. I couldn’t tell how many there were. I felt someone come close. “Doesn’t Puppy want to get fucked over and over again?” It was Ana, whispering into my ear. I let out a low moan. Ana laughed, low and husky. “Good girl.”

It was then that she removed the blindfold. The lighting in the room was dim now, but I could see the people. Charlie was sitting by the door, grinning like a fool. Ana was closest to me. And lined up near the door were four other women, all wearing strap-ons.

“These ladies have all come to help out. I told them what a slutty Puppy I had, and they were all very excited to meet you.” Ana kissed my nose. I saw that she was wearing only a strap-on, and nothing else. My tail started to wag, I couldn’t help it. “Puppy’s getting excited.” Said one of the other ladies. I whimpered. Ana stood up straight, holding her cock. “I suppose you ladies can form a line behind her.” She smirked. They all pushed at each other playfully, laughing as they moved out of my range of vision.

I felt the head of a cock against my cunt. “She doesn’t even need lube!” The voice sounded incredulous. I whined and squirmed in the restraints. “My slutty little Puppy.” Ana said proudly, lifting my head so she could look me in the face. Then the dildo slipped inside me. I moaned and immediately started rocking in the harness, unable to control myself. “Mmm, good dog.” The woman behind me grabbed the harness and helped me shunt myself back and forth on her cock. I howled and looked up at Ana. She cocked her head as she looked down at me. “Celeste, slow down a little. I want to fuck her face.” Celeste obliged almost immediately, turning my frenzied rocking into a slow and deliberate fuck. Ana guided her cock into my mouth, rocking her own hips in time with Celeste’s.

Each one had a turn inside me. I don’t know how many times I came. Some of them abandoned their strap-ons completely and shoved my face into their cunt, demanding that I be a good slut and eat them out. I accommodated, of course. I was in a daze by the time Ana was helping me out of the stocks. I was covered in fluids, both mine and theirs. My tongue was sore, my knees were sore, my cunt was sore… But for the moment, I was satisfied.

I knew the feeling wouldn’t last. A bitch in heat is never satisfied for long.


13 08 2012

By the time Ana and Harper came home, Charlie and I were curled up together at the foot of Ana’s bed. I had been well and truly fucked, and Charlie had had her own share of orgasms as well. Both of us were exhausted. We were in a light sleep when I heard the front door click open. I barked and climbed down from the bed, making my way to the entryway. Charlie followed, although not as quickly. Ana smiled when she saw me.

“Did my Puppy have a good time with her littermate?” She bent down and kissed my forehead, then kissed Charlie’s. I barked and wagged my tail, and Charlie just smiled knowingly while her own tail wagged back and forth. “Good.” Ana laughed. She turned to help Harper out of his walking gear, then sent him off with a kiss.

“Harper and I had a good time too. But now all I want to do is kick off my shoes and curl up in bed with my favorite dogs.” She scratched me behind the ears while my tail thumped on the floor. Finally, she led us both back into her bedroom, where she stripped down to her panties and crawled into bed. Harper came into the room, shot me a smile, then asked Ana if she needed anything before she slept. “No, but thank you, darling. Sleep well.” She kissed his cheek and he bounded off to his customary sleeping spot in the living room.

“Come here, darlings.” Ana patted the sheets next to her. I hopped right up and snuggled up close to Ana. Charlie climbed up behind me and lay down, the big spoon to my little one. Between the pair of them, I felt safe. “Je t’aime, Puppy.” Ana whispered into my ear. It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep.

In the morning, I was disoriented and sweating, tangled up in the sheets. Charlie was still asleep next to me, but Ana wasn’t in the room. I knew what this was. I was in heat again. The ache in my cunt couldn’t be anything else. I let out a low whine and pushed my nose into Charlie’s hair, trying to keep from touching myself. She stirred then, looking up at me blearily. “Hmm?” She stretched her arms above her head. I just whined again and entwined my legs around hers. She sniffed at the air for a moment, then looked down at me and grinned. “I know that scent.” She let out a rumbling laugh. She pushed me over and straddled me in one quick movement, her knees on either side of my hips and her hands on either side of my head. “Filthy little Puppy.” She bent her head and nuzzled her lips against my neck. “Desperate, filthy, slutty Puppy.” She said each word agonizingly slowly, breathing them into my skin. I moaned and felt my hips buck upward, wanting her to fuck me as she had the day before.

I hadn’t realized, but my fingers had started making their slow way towards my clit. And that was when Ana came back in. “Puppy!” She frowned. I yelped and snatched my wet fingers away. Charlie laughed, then looked up at Ana. “Were you antagonizing the poor little thing, Charlie?” My owner raised an eyebrow. The husky moved off of me and nodded, looking apologetic. Ana sighed, but she was smiling. “I have to admit, she is fun to tease. Come here, Puppy.” She moved to the foot of the bed and patted the sheets in front of her.

Obediently, I crawled to her, blushing and whimpering. She ran her fingers down my back, then reached underneath and dipped her fingers between my legs. “Mm, so wet. I expected this to come soon.” She smiled and kissed my nose. “Go on, then, Charlie. I want to watch this. I’ll give you permission to speak for now. I appreciate a dog who can talk dirty, and you seem like you can handle that. But Puppy, no words from you.” She sat down in an easy chair near the bed.

I looked over at the husky, who had a wide, easy grin on her face. “Thank you, Ma’am.” She turned to me. “Come here, Puppy.” I could see a gleeful, sadistic glint in her eyes. As I took a step back toward her, she grabbed my shoulders and threw me onto my back, straddling me again. “I want you to touch yourself, dirty little Puppy. I want you to show me what you want.” My fingers immediately made their way down again, circling my clit. Charlie nipped at my neck. I could smell her sweat mingling with mine. I whined and moaned as she bit me, softly at first, but then hard enough to leave marks.

“You’re not allowed to come until I say you can, bitch.” She lifted her head and cupped her hand on my cheek. “But I want you to get close and ride that edge.” I nodded, trembling as I looked up at her. Her hungry eyes were fixed on mine. “Good dog.” She whispered, then slapped my face. I yelped, feeling tears welling up in my eyes. Without another word, she scooted back so that her face was level with my chest, then placed her lips around an already-hard nipple. The sensation was intense, ramping up my arousal so quickly that I let out a quiet howl. She suckled and nibbled and flicked at it with her tongue. I closed my eyes, unable to focus on anything but her mouth and my clit. I was already riding that edge, hoping I wouldn’t fall before she let me. As if she knew exactly how close I was, she sat back up. “Paws over your head.” At first, I didn’t understand. She wanted me to stop? Because I didn’t obey immediately, she grabbed my paw and pinned it over my head herself. “Filthy bitch can’t listen?” She mocked, her grin ever-present. I whined and bucked my hips again.

She lowered her own hips, grinding her cunt against mine. “I don’t want you to come yet. I want you to suffer for me first.” I gasped and moved in sync with her, the tears escaping from my eyes and slipping down my cheeks.

“God, you’re hot when you cry.” She smiled, then lowered her head and bit my neck, hard.


30 07 2012

Afterward, Ana left Charlie and I lying in an exhausted heap on the floor while she took a quick shower. Charlie ran her fingers through my hair and I cuddled up close with a happy sigh. She laughed softly and kissed the top of my head. “Puppy, Puppy, Puppy…” She whispered, kissing my forehead, nose, lips. I shivered and grinned. She fixed her bright blue eyes on mine and smirked. “Such an adorable little thing.” I could feel a hot blush creeping onto my cheeks. Charlie laughed and kissed my nose again, then gathered me into her arms. I tucked my head against her chest and snuggled up. I could feel my tail wagging lazily behind me. “Sweet little dog.”

I couldn’t help it. That made my tail wag faster. I liked being a sweet little dog. I liked the sound of it, rolling off of Charlie’s lips. I liked it when Ana told me I was a good girl. I liked the way Charlie kissed me, the way she demanded my submission without words. I liked the way Ana smiled when she looked down at her Puppy.

“Are you two behaving?” Ana asked as she came back into the bedroom, toweling off her hair. She sat on her bed and grinned at the pair of us, two dogs tangled up on the rug. I barked, which just made her giggle. “I’m going to be taking Harper to a… function at a friend’s house. The two of you will behave while I’m gone?” She eyed us more seriously now. Charlie and I both nodded, although I caught a glimpse of a mischievous smile on the husky’s face.

“Harper’s going to leave dinner out for you. Puppy knows the rules of the house. And Charlie? You’re free to molest Puppy in any way you’d like. I’m sure she won’t mind.” Ana looked at me and winked. I blushed as my ears laid flat against my head. Charlie growled and licked my cheek. “Just keep her in one piece, please.” Ana laughed.

As Ana busied herself getting ready to go out, Charlie sat up and pulled me into her lap, exploring my skin with the tips of her fingers. I settled down, content. I didn’t mean to nod off, but I was startled awake by Charlie’s fingers stroking my vulva. The husky laughed when I yelped, then wrapped one arm around my chest and shoved two fingers inside me. “Are you in heat again? You’re so wet.” She whispered, her lips close to my neck. I moaned and whimpered, struggling sleepily against her hold on me.

That was when Ana came back into the room, fully dressed and ready to leave. She smirked when she saw what Charlie was doing. “Oh, don’t let me stop you. Harper and I are leaving now though. Be a good girl, Puppy.” She knelt and kissed my forehead, then tweaked my nipple for good measure. I whined and wagged my tail. “And have fun, Charlie.” She twisted her hand into Charlie’s hair and kissed her. Charlie growled happily and shoved her fingers deeper inside me. “We’ll be back tonight. But don’t wait up.” Ana stood and left the room.

A few moments later, we heard the front door open and close with a click of the lock. Charlie pushed me off her lap onto the floor, pulling her fingers out. She straddled me and pushed her wet fingers into my mouth. I heard a low grumble escape her throat. I cleaned her fingers with my tongue like a good girl. “No, you’re not in heat. You’re just a slutty puppy.” She grinned, pulling her fingers out and wiping them dry on my chest. “Say it. What are you?”

“I’m… I’m a slutty puppy.” I blushed and squirmed, my voice shy and small. She cupped her hand against my cheek. “Say it again. Louder. You know it’s true, don’t you?” I cleared my throat and said it again. “I’m a slutty puppy.” She pulled her hand back and slapped me. “Again.”

“I’m a slutty puppy!” I felt hurt and humiliated, but the heat in my pussy betrayed me. I liked this too. “Ah, what a good little bitch.” Charlie rubbed my cheek and leaned down to kiss me, bucking her hips against mine. I whined as she bit my lip, but my hips were moving in rhythm with hers. Her laugh had turned into little more than a growl.

“What do slutty little puppies want?” Charlie hissed, her face still close to mine. She was on all fours above me. “Do slutty little puppies want to get fucked by big bad dogs? Hmm?” She grabbed my chin. “Well?” I whined and nodded. She laughed and kissed me again. “Say it then. Tell this big bad dog what you want.”

“Fuck me?” I hadn’t meant to make it a question, but I was so shivery and intimidated that it came out that way. “Don’t ask me, tell me.” Charlie smiled, pressing her body closer to me. “What does a slutty little puppy want?”

“Fuck me.” I whispered, my voice husky with lust. I could see Charlie’s eyes light up. “Say please.” But she was already reaching for the strap-on harness. “Please. I want to get fucked by a big bad dog.” I could feel my own fluid sticky on the inside of my thighs. Charlie laughed and pulled on the harness, tightening it with a practiced hand. She straddled me again, cupping my cheek. “Good little bitch.” She pulled back and slapped my face, then kissed my nose. “Good girl.”

“Fuck me.” I whined, my hips bucking up in anticipation.

Charlie let out a bark of laughter.

And obliged.

girls girls girls

18 07 2012

Over the next few days, Harper and I stayed home. Ana left us for a few hours some days, presumably working, although I could never be sure what she actually did for a living. She didn’t offer and I didn’t ask. On the days she didn’t leave, she spent time in her office. I took to lying at her feet under her computer desk. After the day at the beach, things were moving back to the default again. I slept in my kennel, but she didn’t lock me in anymore. Walking upright and sleeping in her bed became rare treats, and she hardly ever asked me to talk. I was glad to move into a routine.

In the middle of the week (or what I perceived as the middle of the week, I was never quite sure what day it was), while I was dozing in the living room, she nudged me awake. “How do you feel about seeing Charlie?” I blinked sleepily, but wagged my tail. “Yes?” She laughed, ruffling my hair. I barked in the affirmative this time. “Good. Landon is going out of town, so she’ll be staying for a few days. He’s coming by to drop her off soon.” I got to my feet, my tail wagging fiercely. I was excited to see the husky. I loved Ana, but sometimes it got a little lonely being cooped up in the house. Admittedly, Harper was less awkward with me now, but… Charlie would be a nice change.

Not long after lunch, the doorbell rang. I barked and hurried excitedly to the foyer, almost tripping over myself on the way. “Sit, Puppy.” Ana commanded, pointing to a corner out of the way of the front door. I sat, squirming. Ana let Mr. Norton and Charlie in. I barked at Charlie, unable to hide the grin on my face.

“Looks like your pup is excited to see Charlie.” Mr. Norton laughed, handing Ana what looked like an overnight bag and the end of Charlie’s leash. The husky shot me a coy smile, her own tail wagging lazily. “Thank you for taking her, Ana. I’ll be back on Sunday afternoon. Charlie’s gear and some toys are in the bag, and if she misbehaves, I trust your handling.” He smiled. Ana laughed, “It’s our pleasure to have Charlie over. I’m sure everything will be fine. Are you on your way to the airport?”

He nodded and checked his watch. “Yep, I’m sorry I don’t have any time to stay and chat.” Ana shook her head. “Have a safe trip.” She gave him a peck on the cheek. He inclined his head and smiled wider. “Thank you.” He knelt and rubbed Charlie’s head. “Be a good girl. I’ll see you soon.” He kissed her on the head, then stood. “Thanks again, Ana.” And with that, he was gone. I started to scoot toward Charlie, but Ana spotted me. “Puppy…” She frowned. I stopped, my ears flattening against my head. “Stay, Charlie.” She unclipped the husky’s leash. Harper appeared to take the bag and leash, then disappeared just as quickly.

“Well, I was thinking about giving Puppy a bath. How about I just trundle you both into the tub?” Ana eyed the pair of us, then turned toward the bathroom. “Come along, dears.” Charlie walked close to me, bumping against me with every step. I blushed and followed Ana, already feeling a certain slickness in my cunt.

As Ana drew a bath, Charlie kissed and nipped my face, then my neck, then finally knocked me onto my back to nibble and suck at my nipples. I whined and moaned with pleasure as she started to grind her pussy against my thigh. Ana watched with a smirk on her face, obviously enjoying the show. But the bathtub was full by now. “All right, Charlie. Up you get.” She took hold of the husky’s collar, letting me get up. “Into the tub, both of you.” We climbed up and into the spacious bath. Charlie’s fingers quested toward my clit while Ana washed my hair. I whimpered and Ana laughed. “Aw, my poor, slutty Puppy. I have some ideas for playtime after you both get clean.” Charlie looked up and grinned. “You’ll like it, Charlie.”

Throughout the whole bath, Ana and Charlie took turns teasing me. Charlie leaned in for a long, bitey kiss while Ana twisted and pinched my nipples. I was overwhelmed, but extremely turned on. I wanted them both to fuck me. Finally, Ana took us out of the bath and dried us off. She shed her own clothes and pulled on a bathrobe, then took us both into her bedroom. I yipped and whined when she pulled the strap-on out of the drawer in her nightstand. “This is for you, Charlie.” She helped the redhead into the harness, tightening the straps and making sure it fit correctly. “You know how to fuck, don’t you?” Ana asked slyly. Charlie smirked, her tail wagging. “Good girl.” Ana stroked the strap-on, leaning in to kiss Charlie hard. The husky let out a low moan, thrusting her hips. I shivered, watching them earnestly. “Mmm. What a good dog.” Ana pulled away, scratching Charlie behind the ears.

“Now, Puppy. Lie down on your back.” I immediately complied. My cunt was all but dripping. “Good girl. Now Charlie, I want you to fuck her hard. Can you do that for me?” Charlie positioned herself between my legs, her fingers dipping inside me for a moment. I shuddered and moaned. “And Puppy? Be a good girl and lick your Ma’am’s cunt.” She leaned down to kiss me softly on the lips, then slipped out of her robe and straddled my face, her back to Charlie. “Now, Charlie.” I gasped as the dildo slid inside me. “Lick, Puppy.” Eagerly, I began to lick and suck at Ana’s pussy, enjoying her taste on my tongue and Charlie’s cock thrusting in and out of me. Ana groaned and began to slowly grind her hips back and forth, fucking my face. I gasped as Charlie began to thrust harder, slamming me into her hips. “Don’t you dare stop, Puppy.” Ana whispered, reaching down and tangling her hand in my hair. I whined and redoubled my efforts.

“I want you to come with me, Puppy. I’ll tell you when.” She whispered, her voice hoarse. I could feel my orgasm building with every thrust of Charlie’s hips. I could feel Ana’s legs starting to tremble as she got closer and closer. Charlie dug her nails into my thighs. Just when I felt like I couldn’t hold back any longer, Ana’s grip in my hair grew suddenly tighter. “Now, girl! N-now!” I moaned and shuddered as I came, hard, but I didn’t stop licking and Charlie didn’t stop fucking. Ana cried out and finally pulled away from my face. “Oh, you’re such a good girl.” I felt Charlie pull out of me. I could hear her panting. Ana moved to Charlie’s side, loosening the harness and pulling it off. “Good girl, Charlie.” She kissed the husky’s forehead. “Now I think it’s your turn. Lie down on your back. Puppy, put your snout between her legs. And Charlie, I want to come again.”

Without hesitation, Charlie lay down. I got onto my hands and knees between her legs, the taste of Ana still in my mouth. Ana straddled the husky’s face like she had done with mine. She lowered herself onto Charlie’s face and I leaned down, excited to explore Charlie’s cunt.

“Now lick, darlings.” I could hear the shameless grin in Ana’s voice. Charlie shoved my face into her pussy, both hands tugging at my hair.

“Mmm. Such good girls,” whispered Ana.

in which we finally find out what is up with that darn cat

22 06 2012

The shower pavilion was full of people and pets. Most were just getting rinsed off, but it was obvious that sexual contact was permitted (perhaps encouraged) here. I glanced around, remembering the week I’d been in heat. I would have loved it here then. Now I just wanted to run away. Caesar and his owner led us to a less crowded corner. The man lifted the handheld showerhead from its peg on the wall, then turned on the water. He sprayed Caesar down, then turned to me. Ana cleared her throat. “I’ll do that.” She held out her hand. With a grin, he handed over the showerhead. I glanced at Harper, who was sitting awkwardly off to the side, trying to avoid getting wet.

“Come here, Puppy.” Ana said quietly, pointing to the tiled floor in front of her. Obediently, I sat where she pointed and closed my eyes, ready for the jet of water. Surprisingly, it was warm. It didn’t take long to get all the sand off, but she kept rinsing. I knew she was trying to stall. I didn’t complain, but I did want to get this over with. I could feel Caesar looming near me, and all I wanted was to go home. Finally, Ana turned off the water and put the showerhead back on its peg. She scratched my head, then leaned down to kiss me. “I’m sorry.” She whispered. I wagged my tail and whined. “All right.” She stood up straight and eyed Caesar. The man slapped him on the rump. “Go get ‘em, boy.” He laughed.

Caesar wasted no time. In a matter of seconds, he was on top of me. I could feel his hot breath in my ears, his damp skin gliding against my own. I whimpered as he slid inside. It had been a while since I’d been fucked, especially by something so big. I tried to shut it out, tried to pretend it wasn’t happening, but Caesar seemed intent on keeping me in the moment. He bit my neck, not too hard, but hard enough that I couldn’t ignore it. I whined and bucked against him, hoping he would come quickly. I don’t know how long he took, but finally, he began to grind into me faster and faster. He moaned and shuddered, then finally pulled out. I limped toward Ana, who had the showerhead in her hand again.

“Good boy, Caesar. Good boy.” The man patted his dog down, grinning. Ana switched on the water without a word and hosed me down, making sure that no cum was left between my legs. She handed the water off to the man, who hosed down his dog. Ana tugged on my leash. “Come along, Puppy. Harper, let’s go.” Harper and I fell into step beside each other, and none of us looked back at Caesar and his owner as we left the pavilion.

“Say thank you, Caesar.” I heard the man say behind us. Caesar barked. I hated them.

After we left the beach, Ana put my mitts back on and kissed my forehead again and again. Harper rubbed up against me, purring quietly. I felt sick, but I was glad that we were away from those scumbags. On the train ride home, I kept my face in Ana’s lap, my tail slowly wagging as she crooned and petted me. Harper sat close to me, watching the other people in the car.

When we got home, I was glad to be back inside where we were safe. Ana removed my gear and ruffled my hair. “You’re the best puppy. Thank you.” She hugged me. I barked and kissed her cheek. “Are you okay?” She stroked my back. I nodded. She gave me a sad little smile and kissed my head. She helped Harper out of his gear, then watched as he stood and retrieved his shorts.

“I’ll make dinner for us tonight. I think Harper has some things to explain to you, Puppy.” She scratched under his chin, then disappeared into the kitchen. I watched her go, then looked up at Harper, who sighed. He sat down next to me and put his hand on my back.

“I’m not a criminal.” He sighed. “Although I was a wanted man. About three years ago, I was framed in an assassination in Egypt, but I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.” I watched his face, stunned. He ran his free hand through his hair, tugging at an ear absently. “So I ran. A friend told me that there were pet clubs that didn’t lobotomize their pets. It was my only chance.” He scratched the spot right above my tail. “It isn’t very uncommon for criminals to become pets, you know. I probably would have been given that choice if they’d caught me.”

He closed his eyes. “The club made sure Ana knew who she was adopting when she chose me. And she chose me anyway. This is the best life I could have hoped for. It isn’t what I wanted, but I have my life and I have my mind. Ana has never been cruel to me, and she’s made an effort to allow me to retain much more humanity than any other owner would have allowed.” He opened his eyes and looked at me. “There, now you know who I am. I still won’t tell you my name, it’s irrelevant. But I owe you. You saved my skin today.”

I shifted uncomfortably. I saved his skin in order to save mine. I knew that if Harper came under investigation, I would too, which meant that I would be taken away from Ana and lobotomized. I shivered just thinking about it. “You don’t owe me.” I whispered, then rubbed my head under his chin. “Well, you could owe me. Just pay me back in scritches.”

He laughed and scratched me under the chin. “Fair enough.”